Frequently asked questions

1. Install and open the application

  1.1 Which application do I need to download and where do I find it?
  1.2 Can I use TriCAT spaces in the browser?
  1.3 My firewall blocks the application.
  1.4 I am connected via VPN. Why does TriCAT spaces not work?
  1.5 The virus scanner classifies the application as a threat.
  1.6 My Mac blocks the application. The error message appears that it is an "unverified developer".
  1.7 Error message "Authentication failed", "Connection to application server failed", "Server unreachable" or "application server connection failed".
  1.8 Error message "You can no longer join this session."
  1.9 Error message "TriCAT spaces could not be configured. Please make sure you have at least 800 MB of free disk space." despite having enough disk space.
  1.10. Specifying the primary graphics card.
1.11. Launching on Mac client takes several minutes with black screen.

2. Login to the application

  2.1 How to log in to the application?
  2.2 How do I register?
  2.3 I have entered the guest access code. The error message "Invalid login data" appears. What can I do?

3. Joining a session

  3.1 How can I join a session?
  3.2 The button "Sessions" is grayed out. How can I join the session?
  3.3 I have not received an invitation email. How can I still join an session?

4. During a session

  4.1 My microphone is not working, others cannot hear me.
  4.2 Why do I have to use a headset?
  4.3 Is it allowed to use screenshots from the application?
  4.4 What is a logfile and where can I find it?

5. Information about TriCAT spaces for organizers

  5.1 What is the difference between virtual 3D worlds and other communication platforms or providers?
  5.2 What exactly does license- and contract-free mean (on-demand solution)?
  5.3 What are credits?
  5.4 What options are there for using TriCAT spaces?
  5.5 How can I recharge credits?
  5.6 What are the payment options?
  5.7 Can TriCAT spaces be connected with my used business software?
  5.8 Are there any usage restrictions for the use of TriCAT spaces?
  5.9 What is the difference between TriCAT spaces and TriCAT spaces Congress?
  5.10 How secure is TriCAT spaces?
  5.11 Which media formats are allowed in the application?