The Virtual World

Connect to global customers, clients and colleagues within minutes, using clearly conceived rooms and personalized avatars.


There is an extensive range of scenarios for meetings, training sessions and collaborative working. You will find breakoutrooms and specially equipped coaching scenarios, including tools for systemic line-ups. There are also open spaces, e.g. a terrace or a spacious garden. You work, present, learn and teach how and where you want to.

Our 3D environments, coupled with unlimited possibilities for communication and interaction, create an immersive experience, and promote spontaneous, natural action. Connect to people in different locations around the world simultaneously, in real time.

Available with your company logo and colour, the virtual scenarios can be adapted to your organisation’s branding in just a few minutes by using the Welcome Board.


In a virtual session you are represented by a so-called "Avatar" - your graphic representation within the virtual world.

Currently, you can choose from 40 pre-made avatars, which can be adapted in any color and equipped with accessories. This is fun and enhances recognition. The name of the respective participant appears in the started program above each avatar.

You see the world through the eyes of your avatar

Using your mouse and keyboard you have direct control over the movements of your avatar. We attach great importance to simple and intuitive operation. You will master your avatar after just a few minutes. In addition, you have the possibility to go through the built-in self-learning programs to ensure maximum security in terms of the operation of your avatar.

You can move around naturally through the scenarios. With your avatar you can see and address the other participants (avatars). You can also control the mimic and gesture and when you speak, the lips of your avatar move automatically.