Fields of Application

Discover and profit from the versatility of our virtual 3D Learning and Work Environment TriCAT Spaces.


When telephone conversations are limiting, making videoconferences and 2D meetings too monotonous and presence meetings of time and distance reasonare are too expensive, the TriCAT virtual learning and working world extends all these possibilities with more options for action and financial scope.


Conferences and meetings can be done with just a few clicks. Colleagues, employees, customers as well as suppliers are connected within minutes within a common environment in real time.

Go through documents, diagrams, and presentations, or create new results. The entire meeting can be fully documented and made available to the participants with all content and complete communication. Travel expenses will be canceled in full.

Distributed teams work productively together within minutes.


In the different scenarios of the TriCAT virtual 3D learning and work environment, training courses can be individually designed and implemented in suitable environments. Content can also be uploaded to the MediaWalls during the training, if necessary by the participants themselves. The course participants as well as the trainer do not have to be on the spot.

Content can be saved and used for further training. Excerpts or entire training sessions can be recorded using the integrated session recorder and re-used in the context of e-learning measures.

The training frequency can thus be increased and the costs significantly reduced.


Sales Training

Bring your network of national and international sellers, agents and brokers together. Complex facts can be visualized in an appealing and simplified way. "dry content" is presented attractive and and made tangible.

Individual training is just as possible as training in the team. Role-playing games can also be used for training purposes.

Employees with Home Office are immediately connected to all other required persons and share the same documents online and can process them together. No losses due to travel expenses of the seller to the central office. Create a surplus for your company, regardless of its size.

Product Training

School and train your teams on new products. Show on the media walls your product presentations and -videos and those of your competitors. Compare advantages and disadvantages, or illustrate features on the several times available and interactive media walls or whiteboards.

Products can be viewed as 3D models via the 3D viewer. And all this before creating a prototype. Processes and functions can be fully animated.

Make a real interactive experience from product training for employees and customers. Give your product vendors a very flexible and intuitive tool. You can even think of your own virtual showroom.

In the case of companies with a dealer structure, the respective customers can be involved in the processes, without the expense of time and costs.

Virtual Blended Learning

In the mmb Learning Delphi Trend Study, blended learning is called the most significant application for business learning. This demonstrates that a common physical presence still plays an important role in learning, even if the effort is often significant for all concerned.

As an alternative, our virtual 3D learning and working worlds offer themselves. It is observed that comparable group dynamics occur in the virtual presence as well as typical informal actions, such as the spontaneous small talk in breaks. This creates convincing arguments, to realize face-to-face events in part or completely in the form of a common virtual presence. As is often the case, virtual 3D events create a spatial and social presence, but are clearly superior in terms of on-demand availability and the methodological-didactic potential.

In addition to high motivation and fun, the virtual 3D world provides a decoupling of factors such as the availability of resources, distances, opening times of the premises as well as individual learning time. This brings new opportunities for the organization of education and training. Local training can be reduced to the necessary level. Experts are becoming omnipresent, the most up-to-date knowledge and insights reach learners worldwide without any time loss.

The platform can be used dynamically across all business segments and significantly reduces your costs.


How does coaching work when the client is traveling a lot?

The TriCAT virtual 3D learning and work environment allows the coaching process in interactive and modern training rooms.

TriCAT spaces offers sophisticated tools and scenarios specifically for systemic line-up. The client places geometric figures on an installation surface and can thus represent situations and processes.

The clients experience themselves in the situation and feel a strong role identification. Experts and management coaching sessions can take place in real-life environments. Role-playing games are possible. For example about the negotiation with a difficult employee. The immediacy of the situation makes the experience particularly intense. Self-reflection is highly supported.

Coaching is independent of the location. A coach can be present flexibly in different places within only one day.

Sessions can be recorded and replayed for joint analysis.


All participants of a workshop meet virtually to a briefing in the conference room. Subsequently, the group is divided into teams.

The individual teams enter different rooms of the virtual world and work together on the given project, using powerful and multimedial tools.

The compilation of the teams is independent on the location and can be distributed worldwide. After completing the results, the teams, which are only a mouse click away from each other, reunite and present their results. The final presentation can be recorded and used as a protocol.

Low costs, a high degree of flexibility as well as independent, distributed collaboration guarantee the economic advantage of your company.


For agencies and their customers, time plays an important role.

However, the "pushing" of drafts and elaborations to the customer can lead to the failure of the presentation of a well-elaborated campaign.

If the customer gets the presentation face-to-face in a perfect environment on impressive media walls presented, he finds himself in a world that has been staged according to his ideas and is able to enter completely into the subject presented to him . Any time at any location.

For example, product designs and much more can "fly in" in the 3D viewer and can be experienced with the highest quality standards.

Virtual worlds from TriCAT make your business faster and lead to new successes.


The successful and professional introduction of a new employee is a prerequisite for a positive emotional attachment to your company and the reduction of time-to-productivity. With a carefully executed onboarding process, your company gets a decisive competitive advantage.

The virtual learning and work environment of TriCAT offers an active and continuous overall integration of the new colleague already in the run-up to the entry. For example, the new employee can go through real reconstructed areas of the company 's premises, while maintaining the first contact with direct colleagues. None of the participants leave their jobs. No matter where the people are located worldwide.

In addition, the new employee can, for example, choose a simulated meeting with the CEO of the company. All this helps the new employee to integrate and quickly develop a sense of belonging.

Reduce your costs and shorten your training time. Get rid of the overloading of the new employee with documents, lists and instructions. Go an innovative path that will also have a positive impact on other applicants.

TriCAT will be happy to advise you on how to integrate a customized virtual world into your onboarding process.

Language- and Intercultural Training

Give real value to your business and provide you and your customers with a network of international native speakers who live in their own country. Learn languages at the place where they are spoken, with all the benefits of the TriCAT virtual 3D real-time environment.

Share your teaching material, presentations, photos and films or let your customers write something themselves. Research together on the Internet. During individual or group training.

Repeat individual sequences of your training by selecting the Record / Replay function and analyzing what has just been said again.