TriCAT spaces

We are pleased that you would like to use the virtual 3D learning and workplatform TriCAT spaces!
Download the client for TriCAT Spaces here. You need it to participate in sessions.


Download for PC

Download for Mac


Note for Mac users

With few exceptions, all functions and tools in TriCAT Spaces are available for Mac users:

Currently, only the built-in microphones or loudspeakers can be activated (no external headsets). If echoes occur, please use

  • the "push-to-talk" function. This setting can also be made within the application.

The Webcam Feed is currently not supported for Mac systems, but the feed of the other participants (Windows users) can be seen.

During installation, please drag the Spaces App into the Applications Folder and then right click on >Open. In the dialog that appears, click >Open.